Hedonism Wines is a boutique wine & spirits store in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

The brief from the designers was for a thermally-efficient facade with concealed glazing channels, so that the glass seems to disappear into the brick columns. Low-iron glass was used to give the highest possible colour rendering of the displays. We also manufactured the large oversize bronze-framed door, which weighs in excess of half a ton, yet opens effortlessly.

We installed a number of fire-rated ‘walk-on’ glass floor panels to illuminate the basement tasting area with as much natural light as possible. As well as providing functional light, these glass panels look visually stunning and considerably add to the interior design of the space.

Towards the back of the ground floor area, a large lay-flat roof light and another walk on glass floor panel flood the rear of the basement space below with natural light. The staircase that leads down into the basement has a structural toughened and laminated low-iron glass balustrade.